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Karakter Distillery built

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Our man cave has just been renovated. Some pluming, some electricity works and some good old-fashioned improvisation… We really enjoyed the whole renovation process, and were getting especially excited whenever we saw that we made some kind of progress no matter how big it was.

Click here to see how our distillery looks today.

Timi during the renovation of Destilarna Karakter
Renovation work in Karakter Distillery
Matic laying down floor in the distillery
Setting up Karakter Distillery's column still

Cleaning up after the renovation in the distillery

Occasionally, our close friends and relatives would stop by, lend a hand or just give us some sort of an advice. This sped up the process and helped us to finish with the set up even before the deadline.

Only a few more details here and there and...


We now present to you KARAKTER LAB, Research & Development centre and distillery all in one.

Timi and Matic preparing ingredients for first distillation experiment

At the heart of our distillery is a column still, waiting to produce the first batches of our gin.

By putting Urban's engineering knowledge to use, we welded a special conical vapor infusion basket to our newly set up still.

The basket ensures us to extract more of the delicate aromas from the handpicked local ingredients that we use in our distillation processes.

If you would like to read more about our distilling process click here.

Operational column still in Karakter Distillery Slovenia

This is how our column still looked after the initial set-up and after our first successful batch.

We were happy that the first step was officially behind us, but there was no time to rest. Curious as we were, we immediately started to play around with our new mechanical toys, trying all sorts of combinations with various herbs and testing our knowledge.

You can read where the road took us next in our journal.

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