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Karakter Bar Built

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The last two months were intense, there was a lot of work to be done, but we managed to get our new place up and running in time.

Karakter Bar during the hot summer day

Part of the terrace has been replaced with steel construction, that should last forever. We did some electricity works inside, equipped the terrace with brand new lights, put up a fence around it and made an outdoor kitchen to be able to serve local goods.

Below, there are some pictures and details for more technical readers :)

1. After removing the outdated terrace from previous years, we first consolidated the ground and made foundations for the steel under structure.

2. Steel under structure is made of rectangular tubes, welded together, reinforced and hot dip galvanized to prevent it from corroding.

Karakter Bar Terrace being rebuilt

3. After bolting the frames together and leveling, connecting pieces of wood were attached on frames for easier assembly and disassembly of final wooden floor level. We used natural larch wood that is durable in humid and cold environments such as Bohinj valley.

Karakter Bar during renovation of terrace

4. We kept the wooden house with catering equipment, but there were electricity and plumbing works to be done.

5. Finally we built a wooden fence around the terrace for safety and mounted the sunshades with brand new lighting.

Karakter Bar's terrace after renovation

6. The sign was hand made using cherry wood and hand milling machine. To protect it from rain and sun wear and tear, we used natural oil coating.

Karakter Bar's sign being built from local wood

7. After completing the assembly, it was time for a gin&tonic celebration. We were ready and looking forward for the summer season to begin.

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