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Karakter Distillery Established

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

KARAKTER DISTILLERY is officially registered!

We have really put our brains and muscles to it in the last few months and we are proud to say that our distillery is now officially registered. Our ideas and motivation to start bringing special mixtures to your table outweighed the paperwork and renovation obstacles... Now all that is left is to turn on our column still and start producing.

Urban from Karakter distillery sitting on an artificial cow from Kravji Bal event

The team behind our mission consists of three childhood friends, eager to learn, experiment, ferment and distil.

Timi contributes his culinary knowledge from previous working experience in some of the best restaurants in Slovenia. Matic is a well travelled man, full of marketing ideas that he gathered working on various projects around the world. Urban brings his engineering knowledge and management skills into the mix.

With combined working experience, solid friendship, constant flow of fresh ideas and motivation, we make any challenge manageable.

Without any external financing, we now stand at the start of our journey with just enough equipment to start distilling, but we are happy this is the case. First, we want to put our freshly obtained knowledge to the test and make extraordinary products with ordinary equipement. After we are comfortable with our skill of craft distilling, then comes upgrading.

We hope a bottle from Karakter Distillery finds its way to your table or your favorite bar very soon.

Stay tuned for more!

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