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Many things can capture a man’s interest, but there are only a few that can develop into true passions.

At Karakter, we fell in love with the the art of fermentation and craft distilling. It is amazing how every simple experiment can develop its own flavour profile that inspires or resonates with you on a completely new level. Even after numerous experiments, we admit we still haven’t lost our curiosity.

With every batch, there are at least three new ideas. With every idea, three more experiments. With every experiment, three more reasons to stand in front of the still and childishly wonder what may come out of it.

And despite our childlike curiosity and enthusiasm, we like to put on our lab coats and precisely monitor the parameters of the process. This helps us learn from our previous experiments that didn’t turn out as expected, but were carefully forgotten in the basement. Since spirits tend to mature and evolve with time, we are often positively surprised when we decide to open the dustiest bottle in our possession. That is when our journal of parameters comes in handy.

Fantje iz Destilarne Karakter ob destilacijskem kotlu
Craft distiler Urban iz Destilarne Karakter


All of our products are distilled on a small batch column still.

The vapor passes through a series of three adjustable columns, copper coil, a dephlegmator, and finally a condenser to get the spirit back to liquid state.

We also used our engineering skills to weld a special conical vapor infusion basket to our still to extract more of those delicate aromas.

The distillate is normally around 92% ABV and is diluted with freshwater before resting for at least one month.

Tri nastavljive kolone za destilacijo alkohola
Destilator Urban med postopkom destilacije


When it comes to the selection of ingredients for our products, our chief concern is quality.

In the gathering process, we strive to procure locally sourced botanicals, which we then go foraging ourselves to ensure that the finest flavours and aromas are captured.

We are tremendously grateful for what our home area of Bohinj, with its surrounding mountains and unique flora, has given us. This is particularly visible in our first product Imagine Dry Gin in which we use extremely aromatic mountain pine and wild thyme to honour and showcase the distinctive taste of our region.

In the production of our brandies, we use locally picked fruit, which is then fermented naturally or with the help of superior quality yeast.

Matic med procesom nabiranja lokalnih sestavin za destilacijo
Divje jagode sredi gozda


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