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Karakter Dry Gin launch

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

We are excited to present to you our first spirit - Karakter Dry Gin.

Karakter gin first bottle edition

Fresh and fruity London dry gin that reflects the place where we come from!

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Karakter Gin and local botanicals which are used in the process

The process took us just under 2 years, but we wanted to create something special and now we think we are ready. Distilling process is well under control, ingredients come from best possible sources and the filling station is operational.

Karakter Gin labelling process old bottle

Our presentation took place in Atelje, one of Ljubljana’s best restaurants, that generously offered us the place for the evening event with media representatives, spirit experts and some people who helped us along the way.

After our presentation, Mrs. Majda Debevc, a world-renowned spirit sommelier, gave us a small gin history lesson, continued with gin tasting and finished in style with good wishes, Karakter Gin-Tonic in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other. Fabulous!

The right thing to do after releasing a new spirit is to celebrate, so evening developed into what most people would call a party.

We thank everyone who came to support us and we promise to continue the good work and keep your shelves full!

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