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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

No story ever starts with a glass of milk! Ours was no exception...

Everyone loves beer. And so do we. Our first encounter with flavour fusion was trough nothing else than a good old homebrewing.

Cans and bottles of unbranded beer after homebrewing

It all started in September 2015, while sitting at a table in a local pub and testing out the new beer selection. Some were great, some were pretty basic, there were some that could be a lot better, but the thing that impressed us the most, was how different beers of the same sort or type could be compared to one another.

Beer normally consists of only 4 ingredients; malt, yeast, hops and water. Simple as that! Yeast defines the type of beer (ale, saison, lager, etc.), color and body characteristics come from malt combination and mashing techniques, hops are used for bitterness and flavor and water is what makes every beer unique. Not many toys to play with, but the playground is huge! After reading the first homebrewing article we could find, we needed to give it a shot.

Our garage with a couple of stainless-steel pots and barley mill suddenly became our research lab. First batches tasted awful, next few batches were ok and over some months, the bottles were being filled with some great IPAs, pale ales and saisons.

Ingredients for the first distillation

That’s when Timi brought a box of herbs and spices and we decided that great was not good enough for us. We wanted to create crazy beers. Something new. Something that has not been done before.

Various herbs and spices to be used in distillation process

Fruit and pepper infusions, hemp dry hopping, tea flavouring and all sorts of natural colouring resulted in extraordinary brews that inspired us to start thinking about opening up a business.

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