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The Decision Was Made

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

After some research and weighing out possibilities, we have finally made a decision. We put beer brewing temporarily aside and decided to try out some of our idea’s trough the art of distillation.


Now to the planning process!

We first needed to decide on where to set up our distillation facility, what kind of equipment will we need and what kind of ingredients we will include in our experiments.

After realizing that renting a place would mean unnecessary costs right at a beginning of our journey, we decided that we will rather renovate one of our basements and spend the extra money on our own column still.

But there was still one question that needed an answer.

And to answer it, we had to scatter ourselves throughout our beloved Bohinj region to familiarise ourselves with unique aromas which we could include in our experiments.

If not for else, walking across numerous meadows, pine forests and surrounding mountains helped us to realise that our decision regarding distillery was the right one. But we also got in touch with the numerous aromas and raw flavours that regional botanicals unveiled, which lead us to new ideas and discoveries.

Would you like to know how our journey continued?

Than read our next journal entry, where we tell the story of some very pleased birds and a rather displeased "farmers" --> The Cornfield Story .

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