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The Cornfield Story - Slovenian Trdinka corn

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

If you ever hear someone say that people in Bohinj are special, believe them!

The first question that opened up was what base alcohol to use and where to get it. Second thing was planting a huge field of corn in order to try and produce it ourselves.

It was not just any corn, we planted the best corn in the world, Bohinj HARDCORN (Bohinjska Trdinka) that is famous for its rich taste and very low yield. We could see the progress over the last few months, the cobs were looking amazing, even some elderly people from the area told us they haven’t seen anything like it.

But of-course people were not the only ones loving them, our field attracted almost all of our local birds.

Well, perhaps all of them!

When the time was right to rejoice and collect the fruits of our work, we were in for a very unpleasant surprise. We simply couldn't believe what our eyes were seeing.

All the corn was gone, the harvesting baskets that we brought with us were of no use, so we packed our bags and walked home with a slightly bitter taste.

Birds fed, lesson learned!

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