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Foraging Process - Handpicking the botanicals

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Matic from Karakter Distillery during foraging process in Slovenia

Certain botanicals, which we used in the creation of our first craft gin, can only be found in our unique and pristine Alpine region. This is why we like to take the extra effort and find the time to handpick such flowers ourselves! Foraging enables us to enrich our handcrafted elixirs, by preserving the finest aromas and essences. Plus, it is very relaxing to get lost amongst Slovenian woods and plains, which are filled with aromatic flowers and thrive in biodiversity.

And you never know, a completely new idea might sprout amidst the exciting handpicking expeditions.

Craft distillers from Karakter Distillery during the foraging process in Bohinj region
3 guys from Karakter Distillery in the middle of the forest

The unique microclimate, which was created due to the effect of Slovenian largest lake Bohinj, surrounding mountain peaks of Julian Alps and vast forests that cover these areas, significantly impacted the local flora. In order to showcase the qualities of our pristine region, which is a part of Triglav National Park (the largest Slovenian national park), we carefully selected the distinct botanicals and included them in our distilling processes.

Mountain pine, as well as wild thyme are best used fresh and are added to the gin vapour infusion basket during the distillation. You can sense these fresh herbs as top notes when tasting our Imagine Dry Gin - these are the first notes that will hit your nose. Top floral notes provide a kick and are very pleasant, but quickly fade out. That is why a lot of mountain pine and wild thyme flowers are added during the process.

Basket of Slovenian mountain pine for distilling process

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