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Matic z baklo v roki
Urban z baklo ob novoletni smreki


Rethinking the ordinary

and adding something extra!

By incorporating high quality

local ingredients,

supporting our communities,

and sustainable practices,

we want to give people

the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences, 

discover remarkable flavours

and connect with authentic stories.

Timi z baklo in zlato vrečo ob novoletni jelki


Karakter was founded in 2016, when we (Timi, Urban and Matic), three childhood friends from small alpine villages next to Lake Bohinj, decided to turn our boyhood dreams into reality.

With the help of our professional backgrounds (culinary, engineering and marketing) and the local community, we have managed to create a successful Slovenian brand with unique character. We always respected the wisdom of previous generations, cherished the importance of nature's biodiversity and searched for long-term creative solutions that would connect people and help them rediscover the joys of life. 

Today, we separate our activities in to three main areas:

Craft distilling , Culinary and Events

At Karakter distillery, we specialise in the production of small-batch handcrafted spirits of superior quality, which is achieved by using locally sourced botanicals, precision and distilling processes passed down through generations as part of Slovenian cultural heritage.  

Karakter Bar next to Lake Bohinj enables us to create innovative dishes with our local ingredients, offer homemade products from regional producers and organize unforgettable events such as live music events with local artists, pop-up barbecues and culinary workshops for steak enthusiasts. 


Zanoodle Bistro in the centre of Ljubljana, is where our culinary experts are fusing Asian - Slovenian dishes, fermenting sauces and brewing homemade kombucha right in front of our customers. 

Would you like to learn more about our journey? 

Read Our Story or find out more about Karakter gin.


Timi Rožič iz Destilarne Karakter

Timi Rožič

"Don't panic, we got this!"

Culinary enthusiast who makes our ideas taste good

Urban Bajrič iz Destilarne Karakter

Urban Bajrič

"No problem, let's do it. But first, let me make a calculation."

Engineer with a severe addiction to trying out new things

Matic Bezjak iz Destilarne Karakter

Matic Bezjak

"You know what we have to do next..."

Brainstorming expert who never runs out of ideas

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