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Slovenian gin awarded bronze medal @Craft Spirits Berlin

Imagine dry gin 40% - Slovenian gin wins bronze medal at Craft Spirits Berlin competition.

Karakter's Imagine Dry Gin - Awarded at the largest craft spirit competition in the World

The world's best craft spirits have been chosen! On Friday 26 February 2021, the results of this year's competition for the Craft Spirits Berlin Awards were announced. A total of 471 artisanal spirits from 25 countries were submitted, including Japan, Russia, Canada, Mexico, and Israel. This makes the Craft Spirits Berlin Awards the largest and most important competition for handcrafted spirits in the world.

About the competition / rules for participation:

To ensure that spirits submitted are indeed handcrafted and only natural ingredients are used, each distillery is obliged to make a statement regarding ingredients, production capacity, and equipment used. That means only handmade, hand bottled spirits from micro and small craft distilleries from all around the world can be submitted, making this competition one of the few in the world specialized in craft spirits.

The jury and assessment criteria:

The official jury consisted of more than 20 experts, specialised in the field of craft spirits from around the world. In terms of tasting, each sample was delivered to 4 judges, which assigned points for different criteria based on blind tasting technique. Points were assigned according to:

  • Clarity/Colour,

  • Aroma,

  • Typicity of aroma,

  • Aroma/alcohol balance,

  • Flavour,

  • Typicity of flavour,

  • Flavour/alcohol balance,

  • Overall opinion.

Slovenian gin among the best craft gins in the world!

Slovenian Imagine dry gin awarded bronze medal at Craft Spirits Berlin festival 2021

Karakter Distillery's IMAGINE DRY GIN was picked among the best gins in the most numerous category - New western style gin. This is a category in which juniper aroma and flavour should not be dominant. Since Imagine Dry Gin includes 25 different natural botanicals, and a lot of fresh fruit addition, it found the place in this category well. The jury particularly liked the floral essence of aroma and the spirit's fruity flavour characteristic.

We are happy to announce that Imagine dry gin is now a proud owner of CRAFT SPIRITS BERLIN 2021 BRONZE MEDAL. This is another great milestone for Slovenian gin and Slovenian craft distilleries, which are constantly proving that the right attitude, persistence, and unique mix of local ingredients, can go a long way even in the global perspective.

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