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Karakter Bar next to Lake Bohinj


Situated in Ribčev Laz, between the statue of the first four men to ever climb Mt. Triglav and the confluence of three rivers, that form Sava Bohinjka. This summer bar with open terrace serves food and drinks, hosts live music events and offers a place to relax in the shade.


Our chef will impress you with fresh pasta, salads and sandwiches!

Want to enjoy some live music?

We got you covered!

​Tired after a long hike or mountain bike ride?

Come and lay down on the grass and enjoy the view of the mountains with a cold beer in your hands.


No problem!

We got you covered. 


Also no problem!

Want to bring a bunch of friends

and share some gin & tonics?

Absolutely no problem!


In 2019, we embarked on a mission to bring quality Slovenian music to our loyal customers in Karakter Bar. Every summer Friday is reserved for promising Slovenian music bands that are in need of a place fill your hearts with sounds of jazz, indie, rock, country and blues.

The band members are playing in the middle of our terrace, facing each other, with audience sitting around them. The goal is to create an atmosphere of cozy feeling for musicians, as well as the audience. There are no rules on what we want the bands to play, the only goal is for them to enjoy as if they were playing in their garage.

Many nights have ended with people dancing around musicians and having the time of their lives, which is quite a spectacle in our area.


A one of a kind culinary experience in the garden behind our bar. "Boiler" is our own charcoal-grill creation made of an old water boiler that has helped us produce many types of culinary treats- from steaks and grilled vegetables to grilled bananas and peaches. There are no limits to creations, but they all have one thing in common- deliciousness.

If you can smell smoke coming from behind our bar, we invite you to come and see what's grillin'!

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