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Karakter Dogodek z živo glasbo v Karakter Baru - Epicenter


In 2019, we embarked on a mission to establish a place, where local musicians of the finest quality would gather and create an authentic  heart-warming Slovenian "Žurka" (Usually a live music evening event intended for socialising, relaxed drinking and lots of dancing).

We named this place Karakter Bar - A place where local customers, outdoor enthusiasts and travellers from all over the world can share their stories, enjoy each other's company and experience nights they will never forget or will hardly remember. 

Karakter Bar is located right next to the marvellous Lake Bohinj and offers a wide variety of refreshing drinks, local bites and a relaxing chill-out area with amazing views towards surrounding mountains. 

EPICENTER - Friday night's jam

Every summer Friday is reserved for promising Slovenian music bands that are in need of a place to fill your hearts with sounds of jazz, indie, rock, country and blues.

The band members are playing in the middle of our terrace, facing each other, with audience sitting around them. The goal is to create an atmosphere of cozy feeling for musicians, as well as the audience. There are no rules on what we want the bands to play, the only goal is for them to enjoy as if they were playing in their garage.

Many nights have ended with people dancing around musicians and having the time of their lives, which is quite a spectacle in our area.

Karakter Epicenter - živa glasba in talentirani glasbeniki sredi Karakter Bara
Festival Kanal - glasba v živo v Bohinju zraven Karakter Bara

Festival KANAL 

Or Kanal Fest as locals call it, takes place every Wednesday during the summer at the bottom of a canal that neighbours to our Karakter Bar. Not to worry, the canal has been free of water for many years and it is only filled by art pieces and live music performers.

There's nothing quite like having summer weekends start early surrounded by a bunch of friends, listening to live music, and taking refreshing sips of drinks at Karakter Bar.

Festival Kanal

As you see, we do not just specialize in producing alcoholic drinks...

Wherever we go, we want to bring with us the things that make us happy.

Quality music and great food!

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Karakter Bojler - Poletni piknik dogodek v Bohinju v Karakter Baru
Karakter Bar poletna terasa za dogodke


As the Slovenian proverb »Ljubezen gre skozi želodec« (Love starts in the stomach) nicely explains, we share a love of food and enjoy each great meal we have together.

In the spirit of Slovenian hospitality, we are pleased that we can offer you heart-warming food, prepare tasty meals, and create a cosy atmosphere for you and your friends.

Since we are also passionate about our environment and its preservation, there is no place for single-use plastics at our events.

Scroll down to check our calendar for food-related workshops, tasting events, pop-up barbecues, and more!


BOILER - Charcoal grill creation

Saturdays are picnic days!

You'll be exploring the nearby hills, jumping into the lake, and then... hunger! Karakter Bar is the right place for you.

Every Saturday from the early afternoon onwards, the air will be filled with the smell of burning coals and delicious grilled dishes – a bit different every time, but always prepared with fresh, local and quality ingredients.

You can sit down on a blanket in the shade of our garden or, if you would rather have a private picnic, we will pack your food to go.






Karakter distillery, the only "official" distillery in Bohinj,

was founded in 2016 by three indigenous people from Bohinj,

friends since childhood.

Today, in addition to the distillation of gin and other craft spirits,

we organize live music events at our bar next to Lake Bohinj

and help develop the culinary scene in Slovenia.

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