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Distilling & Fermenting

It all started with the decision to invest in our own column still, which opened the doors into the world of distillation and fermentation. Fascinated by the immense possibilities that different herbs and botanicals offered, we began our quest to discover our distinctive flavour. 


After our success with the first two gins, we were ready to immerse ourselves in a new sphere and decided to open up our first premise. Karakter Bar became our summer residence, where barbecue fiestas with live music, next to the astonishing Lake Bohinj, were taking place on the weekends.


Hungry for challenges as we were, we needed something to keep us busy during the colder seasons. We soon realised, that adding culinary elements into our existing mix would make our "Feel Good Equation" complete. One thing lead to another and before we could realise, we were making fresh noodles, brewing our own kombucha, and serving Asian-Slovenian fusion dishes in our second location - Zanoodle Ljubljana. 

If you would like to learn more about our journey click on Our Story or read it in our Journal

In order to find out more about our products visit Karakter gin

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