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Chuck Mangione Collection [LOSSLESS] (1973-1999) [Latest] 2022




BIG COMIC PAGE (BCP) is a personal project of writer and artist Steven Howell. “What it’s all about is finding the right balance between the comedic and the serious.” READ ABOUT THE ARTIST BIG COMIC PAGE is a comic-book created, developed, and published by Steven Howell of Austin, Texas, United States of America. It’s a story about a young man with various powers called the Outlaw, who wakes up with no memories in a rural and oppressive America, not knowing who he is or where he came from. Instead of going to college, he decides to make a living as an outlaw, who fights crime. His first hero is a vigilante in a bat costume called the Bat-Man, who is played by Steven’s father and bandleader, Chuck Mangione, who is portrayed as a handsome, debonair superstar. “It’s a story about dreams and demons and the real meaning of freedom, like, ‘You can be anything you want. You can have any kind of life you can have’, but then all of a sudden you’re living in a dictatorship, so you have no say in what goes on and you’re a slave.” From The Graphic Novelist, “Steven Howell, the Artist”, January/February 2013, p. 16 READ THIS BOOK We’ve also put together this selected reading list for you to enjoy. BIG COMIC PAGE has been made available as a paperback, and is now sold through Amazon, eBay, and Barnes & Noble. You can buy a copy from our online store, including several exclusive posters. BIG COMIC PAGE is illustrated by Steven Howell, written by Steven Howell, produced by Steven Howell, and published by BIG COMIC PAGE A big thanks to Chuck Mangione for his support and kindness during the creation of Big Comic Page, and for all the original artwork and his memories of the music that originally inspired the book. Originally named Hollywood, the film’s original title was changed to Marty so as to avoid any association with the popular movie of the same name. It was meant to be a nostalgic homage to the Western genre, mixing the look of old Hollywood with modern sensibilities. The film’s setting was supposed to be Hollywood, California. However,




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Chuck Mangione Collection [LOSSLESS] (1973-1999) [Latest] 2022

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