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Gin Karakter

Karakter dry gin

With each gin, there are three key sensory components: the nose, the palate, and the finish. They all depend on the choice of ingredients during the process of distillation. To find the perfect balance we immersed ourselves into researching herbs, spices, and other aromatics. Daringly, albeit still carefully, we gave an opportunity to a wide specter of various ingredients that helped enrich our gin – even those that are not typically used in the making of gin.

Our gin differs from the rest also with regard to the combined process of distillery and the technique of herb preparation. In order to achieve the best possible result we used three techniques: maceration, infusion, and percolation. By combining these as well as the aforementioned assortment of aromatics, we have created a unique, harmonic mixture of components.

NOSE: Fruity and fresh, complex and herbal, medium juniper, earthy finish.
PALATE: Subtle and balanced, herbal and slightly spicy with a long, fruity, and slightly sweet finish.
FINISH: Fruity, warm, and slightly sweet, long lasting fruity aftertaste.
SPECIALITIES: Complexity of aroma and taste. Overwhelming fruitiness and freshness.

PRICE: 43 EUR, DDV included