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– 1⅓ oz. (40ml) Karakter Dry Gin
– ⅔ oz. (20ml) lemon juice
– 1 egg white
– ⅓ oz. (10ml) sugar syrup
– sparkling water
– ½ lemon slice
Fill the shaker up with ice, gin, lemon juice, egg white and sugar syrup. Shake it well. Pour the mixture into a glass and fill it up with sparkling water, then decorate with a slice of lemon.


– 1¾ oz. (50ml) Karakter Dry Gin
– 1 oz. (30ml) lemon juice
– 2 bar spoons sugar syrup
– 2 ice cubes
– sparkling water
– 1 cherry and 2 thin slices of orange for decoration
Add Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup into a mixing glass and shake well. Put the ice cubes into the tall glass, add the mixture and fill the glass up with sparkling water. Decorate the rim with the cherry and the orange slices.


– 2 oz. (60ml) Karakter Dry Gin
– ¾ oz. (22ml) honey syrup
– ¾ oz. (22ml) lemon juice
– ice cube
– lemon peel
Add ice, lemon juice, Gin and honey syrup into a shaker and shake well. Put an ice cube into a glass and pour the mixture over. Twist the lemon peel (to extract oil) and use it to decorate the glass.


– 1¾ oz. (50ml) Karakter Dry Gin
– 1¾ oz. (50ml) Martini rosso
– 1¾ oz. (50ml) Campari
– ice cubes
– orange peel
Pour the ingredients over ice and mix, then transfer to a chilled glass and decorate with twisted orange peel.