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O nas
O nas


Destilarna Karakter was created by three childhood friends from a part of Slovenia called Bohinj. Years of growing up together and exploring the world around us shaped us into a well-oiled team that was hungry for a project we could channel our energy into. We were all interested in the world of craft drinks and considered establishing a brewery for a while. However, due to the saturation of the craft beer market, we finally decided to produce spirits and invested into a distillery cauldron.

From the very beginning, we planned to make gin. Some of it was due to the relatively simple distillery process, but that in itself had another very important quality: it allowed for a lot of experimentation and creativity regarding the choice of ingredients. Our goal was never to produce gin in its classic form; due also to our professional backgrounds we were interested in how the diversity and complexity of the drink can be brought out by adding ingredients atypical in the production of gin. The results of our attempts are exhibited in the final product: a well thought-out and carefully prepared combination of herbs and spices that will not be easy to forget. Our gin is bold, fresh, alluring, playful. Our gin has character.